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What is PurpleBiz?

  • What is It?

    PurpleBiz.Net is a multi-language, worldwide B2B and B2C business directory, where businesses can find other businesses from around the world to do business with, whether it is to create a new product distribution location, fulfill a product or service project requirement or a new manufacturing opportunity. PurpleBiz.Net Worldwide Business Directory brings the world of business owners together to expand their horizons of opportunity.

    You can list your business in up to 10 languages, show videos about your products or your services in different languages and take the attention of your visitors and redirect them to your site and convert them to a client.

    You can also publish your press releases and let others know about your latest updates and activities.

  • Why Should You List Your Business in PurpleBiz?

    PurpleBiz Business Network Directory is not just local. It is International too. Being listed in local business directories may help you to be seen in the local market, but PurpleBiz is International as well. This means it will ease up your visibility. Why? It is simple. When you search in search engines to find a supplier, dealer or distributor or want to hire someone, you will have tons of lists for your keyword, relevant and irrelevant, businesses, whitepapers, ......
    In PurpleBiz, what you get is just a list of businesses.
    This means you have a better chance to be seen, and using custom graphic and multimedia features will help you take their attention to click and go to your site.

    PurpleBiz is Global and by having a complete and effective profile, you can expand your business internationally.


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